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Just listen to them:

We are working with Formunauts One (FO) on a regular giving campaign extending after an initial pilot. They are really committed and took a lot of time and effort to understand our cause and how best to convey our impact. Impressed with their responsiveness and the quality and passion of the fundraisers on our campaign. FO are innovative, dynamic and great to work with you. Proactive, very engaged and always keen to learn more about Contact’s work and how best to engage potential donors.

Mark Davies

Director of Income Generation

Reinventing Face to Face is not possible. But with the Formunauts as a professional, inspiring partner, reshaping the Face to Face fundraising future is possible! With creativity and innovative spirit, to reach a new level of professionalisation so that the full Face to Face potential can unfold. Together as architects of the future. These are the Formunauts.

Michael Rihar

Head of F2F Campaigns & Productmanagement

Sustainability and innovation are crucial factors in today’s economy, especially in fundraising. As stakeholders with societal impact, we bear the responsibility to develop forward-thinking solutions and be pioneers for change. The Formunauts Marketplace provides an outstanding platform for networking, transparency, and collaboration. Together we are one!

Manes Kerschbaumer